Burano is a small group of islands 7 km away from the centre of Venice (San Marco square). Burano are 4 islands separated by 10 metres wide water canals suitable just for small fisheremen boats but allowing reflection of coloured fronts of houses. Adjacent sland of Mazzorbo is connected to Burano by a bridge.

Total population of Burano is about 2800 people and apart from vibrant colours of houses that draw many tourists to visit, it is also famous for lacework. Its history can be discovered in the Museum and School of Lacemaking. Lace was exported from Burano since Middle Ages to all accross Europe, but that business declined in 18th century. The revival only came in 1892 with the opening of the Burano School of Lacemaking.

The colours of the houses follow a specific system stemming from the period of golden age for Burano. When someone wishes to paint or repaint their home, they must send a request to local authorities. They respond by indicating certain colours permitted for that lot.

Boat trip from San Marco north-east to reach Burano archipelago by waterbus takes 40 minutes. It only takes 10 minutes to get to Torcello island from the Burano boat pier.

Main street Burano1
1 Burano is also known for its small, brightly-painted houses, popular with artists. The colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development.
Burano market2
2 Burano is synonym for a colour… great scenery, photo-fever. To this blend add a market and people and fever becomes an obsession.
Embroidery Burano3
3 Burano is famous for colours and laces. History of the lacemaking in Burano and some beautiful examples are located in the Museum and School of Lacemaking on the island.
Door in Burano4
4 Vivid colours in Burano - they invite you to go and explore, but beware, some places are private!
Vaporetto captain5
5 Felt as in a movie! but was not sure whether the captain is a villain or a good man. But he knew his job well steering the helm through shallow waters of Venetian lagoon.
Washing in Burano6
6 Washing in Burano - shades and lights and colourful houses.
Burano colours II7
7 Pink can have many different shades in Burano island.