Old Berlin

This part is intended to cover places that existed before the fall of the Wall (i.e. October 1989) and to a large extent originate from the former East Berlin.
However, many of these places are main tourist sites, some of them still perform their original function, though they needed some refurbishment more recently.
Berlin panorama from Tiergarten1
1 View from Victory Column (Siegessäule) - from left Reichstag, TV tower (Fernsehturm), Berlin Dome, road leading to the Brandenburg Gate and Red City Hall behind it.
Victory Column in Tiergarten2
2 Siegessäule, The statue nicknamed Golden Lizzie conmemorating the Prussian victories in the wars in late 19th century is now located in the middle of the roundabout in the Tiergarten. The viewing platform some 45 m high allows nice view over the Berlin`s landmarks.
Not busy traffic3
3 Traffic is not always so scarce - that is why there are at least 2 lanes on each direction for the main roads. This is roundabout around the Victory column (Siegessäule) in the Tierpark. The viewing platform provides birds eye view on the road.
Brandenburg Gate4
4 Currently the most famous tourist place in Berlin. It is a symbol of unity between East and West Berlin. The adjacent Tiergarten park allows for green walks and relaxation, Paris Square means best address in town - hotel Adlon, French and US embassies.
Glimpse of the past - border control5
5 There were times when border control was not friendly and you needed tons of stamps, not just your passport, but yourself, your luggage and vehicles were thoroughly checked. There were not joyful times. Fortunately, those stamps are only used for tourist entertainment nowadays
Museum Night - Pergamon6
6 There are 180 museums in Berlin, top ones are located on the Museum Island (Museum Insel). The Pergamon Museum is the most visited in Berlin. And there are tons of things to see - from ancient greeks, egyptian art, babylonian art and many other things - to mention the highlights - Pergamon Altar of Zeus, Roman market gate of Milet and Ishtar Gate with the Processional Way of Babylon. Ishtar Gate is my favourite - blue coloured tiles with huge animals - lions, mainly. Check for yourself!
Antiquity by night7
7 Museum night attracts many visitors - this is example of the crowds in front of the Zeus Altar of Pergamon. This reconstructed site is a true masterpiece - the central staircase is 20 m wide (whole building is over 35 m wide) and it is covered by fight of Olympian gods with Giants. It is already very impressive by day, but it is truly magic by night! And there is more than just exhibitions - it is reading, concerts, theater performances and special events. In addition, there is hop-on-hop-off shuttle busses that operate among more than 100 museums in Berlin between 6 pm and 2 am. This event repeat itself up to 3 times a year - if you have a chance, this is not to be missed.
River Spree and Museum Island with Berliner Dom8
8 Surprise to me - Berlin Cathedral that was built only in 1905, just because the royal family thought the previous cathedral was not big and good enough. The building suffered a lot during the WWII, but finally completed refurbishment in 1993 allows visitors to re-enter the building as well as clime up the dome to admire the Museum Island from proximity.
Quick snack - pretzels9
9 It is a very tasty freshly baked pretzel (known as Brezel in German). It is quick and filling snack. Comes in both sweet and savoury flavours and need to be eaten the same day. The best is B+B (breztel and bier) in the garden restaurant under the parasol :-)
Red City Hall10
10 Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) is a house of the Senate of Berlin that moved in 1991. The red brick building with 70 m high tower was built in late 19th century inspired by renaissance, it was heavily bombed during WWII, but rebuilt according to original documentation.
River cruise11
11 Boat tour can take you around main landmarks of Berlin and it is a very pleasant to do it on a sunny day in the summer.
Alexander Platz East Berlin12
12 Alexander Platz was the main square fo the East Berlin, it was to showcase the wonders of the socialist life with the 1950-60-70s buildings. In 1969 two more monuments were added to the square, the Weltzeituhr (World Time Clock) by Erich John and the Fountain of International Friendship. The 365 m tall TV tower was added in 1980s and you can go to viewing platform 203m high above fairly flat town to see both parts of it.
Street entertainment13
13 There are many entertainers in Berlin - musitians, actors, singers and also those that give joy namely to children.
Sunset around Humboldt University14
14 When you walk in streets and there is gorgeous sunset sky, you are attentive to the details of the beautiful street lights in the art-nouveau style. Streets around the Humboldt university original buildings.
The Wall and its death strip15
15 For some it seems unreal insane creation, for others it is a painful part of their personal history. The picture is taken from extensive Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation centre that is a place not to miss in Berlin if you want to know more about the Wall, circumstances of its erection, downfall and all about its existence. Nowadays you may even experience walking around the death strip.
Centrally located trainstation to go west16
16 Berlin Fridrichstrasse Train Station was located in East Berlin and was the place where people were allowed to go from East Berlin to the western world - west Berlin via western S-Bahn and U-Bahn as well as long-distance trains. It was heavily guarded and ther were strict border control checks.
Old Berlin architecture17
17 Red brick houses and description of the house function at least with the matching decoration was necessary in the past.