Berlin is spread over fairly flat and marshy terrain located in northeastern Germany, about 70 kilometers (43 mi) west of the border with Poland.

It is also the capital of the reunited Germany, the largest city of the country. In fact, Berlin has been Germany`s capital twice - until the end of 2nd World War in 1945 and then since Germany reunited in 1990 (October 3).

The city is unique it does not have one real center but several spots and alleys. Berlin has spent 45 years divided by a heavily guarded wall following the result of the World War II. The wall divided the town from the former Soviet Union sector from 3 others (USA/UK/FR sector was put together as West Berlin) and in many cases it divided families, districts, streets and life was fairly crazy there - on one side there was a civilisation with known "western style life" and on the other it was heavily guarded police state showing off the beauties of communism. Check the film "Good bye Lenin", it describes the first few months around and after the reunification very well.

Nevertheless, some 20 years after the reunification the city is very different and has a lot to offer - not just European rich history, but art with its renowned museus, modern architecture of late 20th century until now, culture - festivals, music and theatres and many events every day. Eat in small cafés and restaurants florishing in every street, get lost and find unique things in its excellent shopping possibilities and relax around a lot of lakes, rivers, parks, forests.

The life there is bustling of culture and if you can, come there for the "Museum night" - it is a day (or rather a night) when you can get for a discounted price overnight to many of Berlin gorgeous museums with many interesting programmes and side events.

You will never become tired of Berlin! And we will come back!

Visited in March 2007 and July 2008

Some numbers

Area891.85 km2 (344.3 sq mi)
Population3.45 milion - metropolitan (as of end 2010)
Pop. density3,869.4/km2 (10,021.6/sq mi)