Sigiriya is UNESCO world heritage site and also most visited Sri Lankan monument. It is located almost in the centre of Sri Lanka, 20 km nort from Dambulla. it consists of large gardens, net of staircase and several places with beautiful frescoes. Top of the rock held some dwellings in the past, nowadays only steps, rain water pools and great view remains.

Popular monument1
1 Sigiriya rock is perhaps the most visited place in Sri Lanka by both visitors as well as Sri Lankan citizens.
Stone stairway2
2 One needs to climb many sets of stone stairways to reach the foot of the rock.
Queue in front of the gallery3
3 The higher you get the steeper and higher each step gets. Not only literally but also in reality. Easier to go up than down. Alternative routes not available.
Gallery in the rock4
4 Frescoes of female figures of distinct beauty is well hidden by an stone overhang and also protected from direct sunlight by thick fabrics and fence.
5 Who is on those frescoes? Some some say they depict fairies, or goddess or their friends or also elements that helped to focus meditation. Who knows. They still amaze us.
Final stretch up6
6 Final part of the climb starts between lion-like paws through a narrow and steep stone or thin iron stairway that is attached to the rock.
Looking back7
7 Catching up the breath and appreciating the final 300 steps and steep climb done. This view is not for the those with dizziness though.
Top of Sigiriya8
8 Looking south from Sigiriya rock. All of the sudden it feels like in another continent...
Sigiriya reservoir9
9 Small pool for rainwater at the top of the rock and view over the Sigiriya reservoir.
Fantastic gardens10
10 Great gardens with inventive waterways and all other garden architecture tools about 1000 years old. Seen from half way up.
Largest pool on the top11
11 Top of the Sigiriya rock is another type of garden. it is more challenging and arduous. There is no water source there, it is all from rainfalls.