Sea, boats and fish

Sri Lanka is in the Indian Ocean and is world known destination for surfers and beach lovers. Some places are beautiful, but strong winds and tides make bathing and swimming dangerous. On the other hand, kite surfing or surfing are great (or look great, if you are not devotee and only watch). Whale watching tours from Mirissa will also bring another experience – you travel far from the island, cross the route of the huge cargo ships and also see fishermen working at the sea and upon return you may admire colourful port with small boats and people working their catch. Fishing is a hard job and making the catch sold while it is fresh or prepare it for sundrying at the beach is unforgettable experience. Go and see Mirissa or Hikkaduwa ports, Negombo fishmarket and Kogalla fishermen for yourself.

Negombo Beach1
1 Wide stretch of sand, daring surf and picturesque. Almost a dream come true - surf too strong to swim.
Hikkaduwa beach2
2 It looks peaceful, but do not fool yourself. The waves are not for weak ones. The best for surfers.
Sunset practice3
3 Surfing at sunset is almost a must. Great for both - surfers and watchers.
Fishermen boat4
4 Traditional fishing boats still seen off shore around south Sri Lanka.
At the sea5
5 When on a whale watching trip, do not be surprised to find yourself far beyond the great cargo ship route. It is hilarious to see the giants passing by the small tourist boats.
Colours in the Harbour6
6 Colours of fishing boats are boosting vibrance and shiny. Seen in Mirissa after whale watching.
Skilled surfer7
7 At the right moments, close to sunset and at perfect surf height one can admire those great scenes. Though safely stationed on the beach
Playing in surf8
8 Sea is the best playground for big and small.
9 There is not much left from once awed Hikkaduwa reef. The best view on the coral fish is literally knee high water 2 m from the tide end. Hikkaduwa Beach close to Blue Coral Hotel.
Out fishing10
10 Traditional Negombo fishing boats with stabilizing outrigger and square sail.
Busy working the catch11
11 One must appreciate hardworking fishermen and their families that push themselves to work as quickly as possible to extract fish from nets, clean them and get them either to dry in the sun or on sale in the market. All that is uneven competition with huge flocks of crows and daring herons.
Hard job 24/712
12 Sun helps fishermen a lot. Sliced fish are salted and carefully placed on mats and dried to be stored for cooking later.
Negombo fishmarket13
13 Variety of daily catch - coral fish - available at the market.
Heavy duty14
14 Fishermen carry their catch to others working on cleaning and processing the small fish smaller than half of the palm.