Central south part of Sri Lanka are beautiful rolling hills and winding valleys around Ella, Hatton or Newara Eliya (Nanu Oya) at about 1000 m above sea level of lush green shades with eucalyptus or evergreen trees and tea plantations as well as terrace fields of meticulously carved vegetable beds and rice paddies. The “roof of Sri Lanka” is a mountain plateau almost 2000 m above sea level that has a slightly Scottish Highlands grasslands feel at the first glimpse, with a highest peak – Sripaadaya (Adam’s Peak) at the south west tip. The highest part of the Highlands is the National Park Horton Plains where World’s End is located – a 10 km walk takes you to an end of a ridge with almost 800m chasm next to your feet … and that is where world ends ... surely for those not being careful enough to watch their steps.

Tea harvest1
1 Ladies picking up tea leaves. Near Haputale.
Hills near Ella2
2 Pleasant climate, steep hills, filled with houses, tea factories and winding and bumpy roads. Impressive to look and exhaustive to walk.
Tea factory3
3 Tea factory is always a large metallic building with blue windows. Though the machinery is perhaps outdated, it works perfectly and delivers perfect teas to its customers.
Tea tasting4
4 Great to sample varieties of tea at the terrace looking out for hills and tea plantations.
Tea varieties5
5 One must bring home freshly packed tea from the very plantation he or she visited. That what factory shops are for.
Rawana falls6
6 Picturesque Rawana falls near Ella. nice to watch but beware of monkeys.
Green tea plantations7
7 Lush green of tea plantations. I will never forget those colours and shapes.
Tea leaves8
8 Tea leaves glow in the afternoon sunshine. They wait to be picked the day after.
View from the train9
9 Valley with river, road, tea plantations and lot of different green colours.
Tea and picker10
10 Collecting tea leaves from bushes in a steep slope and carrying lot of them on your back - another hard job for life.
Morning at highlands11
11 Close to sunrise with Adams Peak on the horizon. On our way to the World`s End.
Mighty eucalyptuses12
12 Sunrise in the eucalyptus forest near Horton Plains.
Walk among the rhododendrons13
13 Walk from the Horton Plains visitors centre towards the World's End ravine. by end of March or in April these rhododendrons would blossom in crimson red.
Camping in the park14
14 Morning wake up dip in the lake near Horton Plains around 7 am.
World's End15
15 900 m steep slope down the valley. View available only in early morning up to about 10 am. Then fog and clouds come and the view is hidden very well.