Sri Lanka offers a lot to those interested in wildlife. Marshlands, rainforests, grasslands as well as dry highlands and reef at the sea. Rich biodiversity and some unique animals live in a number of National Parks (as well as outside them) through the island. Perhaps the most visited is Yala National Park (for leopards and elephants) and then some other places to look for birds such as Bundala National Park close to Yala or Minneriya, Udawaluwa and Wilpattu Parks. See elephants, deers, leopards, birds of prey and plethora of other birds around the island. The most common are herons and egrets of all kinds.

Blue whale1
1 Whale watching from Mirissa. Blue whale leaving our boat to catch some food.
Elephant family2
2 A little family of three elephants crossed the road right in front of our jeep. Cute animals.
3 Great experience to see a mother and baby elephant having fun in a muddy lake in the Yala National Park. About 15 m distance.
Evening watch4
4 We were really lucky. We have seen 3 different leopards. This was right before the sunset, quite far. But the creature is amazing.
5 Lepard getting ready for hunting.
Early morning6
6 Group of makaks waiting for the sunrise in Bundala national park.
7 Mongoose passed by our car in Yala Park. It is a predator so do not fool yourself by the cute look.
Bee eater8
8 Beautiful bird, when flying it resembled a yellow-green emerald or diamond.
Purple heron9
9 Purple heron in Bundala national park.
Green pidgeon10
10 Colourful pidgeon in Bundala national park.
11 Peacock at its best in Bundala national park.
Mutual benefit12
12 Each buffalo has its heron. Herons eat the insects that bother buffalos. Bundala national park.
Varan with its catch13
13 Varan carrying a crab from moat in Sigiriya.
Black-white kingfisher14
14 Beautiful black-white kingfisher in Bundala national park.
Painted stork15
15 Painted stork in Bundala national park.
Pink pelican16
16 Pink pelican drying its wings at the lake near the Buduruwagala temple.
17 Black faced makak in Bundala national park.
18 Endemic cousin of a deer - Sambar in Horton Plains.
Bird at the lake19
19 Bird at the lake in Horton Plains park after sunrise.
Elephant bath20
20 Working elephants deserve a proper bath including rubbing their skin with coconut crust
Tired monkey21
21 Quick nap of a monkey near Dambulla rock temple.