Holiday island for all living in Singapore. Offers more green than centre of the town. Easy access by foot over the bridge that gives a great view of the Singapore container port and skyline, or by a cable car that does the same from the birds eye perspective. The island itself is not too big, but walking there whole day makes your feet sore. The best is to use monorail or local buses, but beware of the time as around lunch and in the afternoon the monorail stations give you easily about 1 hour waiting time! Aquarium on the island was really nice.
Merlion and skytrain1
1 No visit to Sentosa is complete without exploring its most famous symbol 37-metre tall Merlion. Though it is half-lion and half fish, it contains more than meets the eye. There is a museum about origins of Merlion inside and viewing deck in the head offers 360 degrees view of Sentosa and southern part of Singapore. Monorail can give you some rest as the admission to Sentosa covers also unlimited rides on the monorail that connect main attractions. But beware, the waiting times can be enormous in the afternoons on weekends and holidays.
WTC station of the cable car to Sentosa2
2 Going to Sentosa Island in a good weather is a great fun if you go there by cable-car. The cable-car operates from the World Trade Centre on the town side and it would get you to Sentosa with a bird`s eye veiw of the container port, Singapore Bay and the island itself. The trip is 1.6 km long.
Sentosa park from Merlion3
3 Merlion Walk a 120-metre-long Gaudi-like mosaic walkway right below Merlion. It is a popular place to see as there are various water streams and fountains among the mosaic decorations. View from the Merlion viewing platform.
Yellow orchids - garden4
4 If you get tired of the hords of visitors in Sentosa island, you can find a pleasant hideaway spot among orchids in Sentosa Orchid Gardens. Singapore is famous for orchids but most famous spot is National Orchid Garden in Botanical Gardens, not in Sentosa. National Orchid Gardens has 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids. There is even a garden where newly cultivated species bear name of famous politicians that visited Singapore - VIP Orchid Gardens. Picture features yellow Oncidium orchid (also known as butterfly or dancing doll orchids).
Orange dotted orchids - garden5
5 One of many species in Sentosa Orchid Gardens. I cannot identify it, but I think it is a hybrid either from dendrobium, vanda or ascocenda species. If anyone can help, I would be glad.
Underwater world in Sentosa6
6 Huge water tank in the Underwater world in Sentosa island is amazing. There were more than 250 different species of 2500 marine animals in this the oldest and largest oceanarium in the region at that time. Here you can have a close encounters with sharks and stringrays. Stingrays flying towards you, dugongs, sharks and many other species of fish. The good thing is that fish cannot see what happens in the tunnel, as the glass is transparent only in the way from people to the fish.
Crowds in the underwater tunnel7
7 Underwater World, one of the largest oceanarium that has an 83m long acrylic tunnel for a spectacular view of marine life. But it is crowded on weekends and in the afternoons. Nevertheless the view towards fish is spectacular.
Leafy seahorse8
8 There are many seahorse species in the Underwater world. Did you know that a seahorse can look with one eye to the front while the other monitors its back and it moves its backbone 35 times per second? Moreover the pregnancy is carried by the male - the embryo is given to his pocket and upon birth of that egg he gets another one. What you see on the picture is a beautiful leafy seahorse example. We have never seen anything like that before. You could fool yourself and think it is a branch rather than an animal.