Old Singapore

Original colonial style buildings are fairly rare - apart from the Sir Raffles hotel and some streets on Emerald Hill they have been all replaced by skyscrapers. However, the most striking example of the time that passed is the Cricket Club with its huge playground with manicured lawn in the true centre of the Singapore. Perhaps the most expensive patch of land ever.
Arab Quarter or Kampong Glam was much less appealing for some reason - it was strangely deserted, closed, shabby. Suddenly there were no people and shops and restaurants were closed. Probably we need to come back there next time to see whether this strange experiece was one-off or whether it is normal.
Wooden scafolding1
1 Past meets present as the modern colours of the house constrast with the wooden scaffolding. Though it is sutstainable as the palm trees will re-grow…
Emerald Hill street2
2 We were looking to find some glimpses of the past, how did Singapore looked like before its huge economic rise begun. Emerald Hill street is the part that shows its wealthy side. Houses of bright colours in green gardens. Some are for rent, others have been turned into shops. But they are still very beautiful to look at. The cast iron gates, colourful tiles and wooden carvings are splendid! If only there were more of them...
Old Singapore Emerald Hill3
3 Terrace houses of the former glory of Singapore. Majority of the houses was built in the Emerald Hill in early 20th century. They are currently turned into shops, restaurants, pubs, but some of them are for rent. And it is nice quiet area just few steps from the busy shopping Orchard Road. The only pity is that it is hard to avoid the views of the shopping malls behind some of the houses.
Fruit market in Singapore4
4 There are plenty of fruit stalls in the town. The fruits are fresh and good and there are also many kinds of fruits that one would not recognize.
People of the River - bronze art5
5 Singapore River walkyway will show you qute many various groups of bronze statues each depicting a scene of the Singapore`s history. Merchants, kids jumping to the river or animals. Great to watch! Our favourite was First Generation sculpture, which freezes the motion of a group of five naked boys diving off the bridge for a swim. Could not understand how the last one holds in the air. This picture shows Rich Merchants discussion and past meets the present here :-)
Fullerton hotel and river6
6 View from the Clarke Quay towards famous places in Singapore - luxury 400 rooms neo-classical Fullerton hotel (yellow), modern Theaters on the bay (blue), the Suntec City lights (orange, 4 buildings in the background) and suspension 19th century Cavenagh Bridge over the river, trees of the Merlion Park.
Boat Quay restaurants by the river7
7 Boat Quay is a place to get a drink in the evening and catch a nice picture during the day and if the weather is nice, even a rivercruise in a restored bumboat could be a good idea.
River cruise on Singapore river8
8 We have not tried to get on board of a restored bumboat boat wit electric power to roam quiet waters of the Singapure river and to admire the Boat Quay and Clarke Quay and Marina Bay from water. Perhaps it was because our weather was too wet for it in 2003. At least, the boats populated some of our pictures. Behind you see Singapore skyline and Theaters on the Bay.
Kampong Glam Malabar mosque9
9 At the edge of the Little Arabia there is a beautifully blue restored 1960s mosque covered by blue tiles and golden dome make it very different from the surrounding buildings. For some reason we did not see any of the Little Arabia parts lively and opened, though it was around Chinese new year and not any other religious event.