Modern Singapore

This is of course a bit outdated post, as the most modern buildings have just emerged in the Marina Bay in late 2010. Check the website of the Marina Bay Sands hotel or a great photos in the article in the Daily Mail of 25 July 2010. Marina Bay theatre was fairly new in 2003 and SMRT - Singapore Massive Rapid Transport Network was really good work done.
Daytime Singapore skyline from Marina Bay1
1 Marina Bay area has developed a lot since 2003. But upon construction of the Theaters on the Bay and completion of the Elizabeth park already that provided a very nice extension of the Quay and was a very popular day/nightime place for a walk.
Esplanade theatre complex in Marina Bay2
2 These were the days when Theatres on the Bay were just one building. At first I thought it was a pineapple, but later on I have learned that the shape is inspired by the smelly fruit "durian". It is close to the mouth of the Singapore river and it is very beautiful in the evening.
Freight port (cargo) from Sentosa3
3 View from the Sentosa (Merlion) towards Singapore. Freight port in the front with colourful cranes and containers and proud Singapore skyline in the back. View from the south.
SMRT station4
4 Public transport in Singapore is something well designed. The company name is "Singapore Mass Rapid Transport" and all busses, trains and underground are clean, reliable, efficient and air conditioned. The network and system are very well designed and it is much less expensive than using taxis. Though they are not too expensive either. ez-link card is good to have if you stay more than 2 days. It was almost science fiction to have electronic tourist card in 2003 when some countries find the electronic cards being introduced in 2011 as sheer luxury....
Singapore skyline as of 20035
5 From the 39th floor viewing platform of the Oriental Mandarin hotel in the Orchard road even on a rainy day there is a possibility to admire finished and emerging construction sites in Singapore. View is valid for February 2003, it is probably a significantly changed by now. At present, there are more possibilities to look at Singapore from above - 57th floor Bar, Marina Bay Sands observation deck, Singapore Flyer (giant observation Ferris wheel), Compass Rose Bar, 70th floor at Westin Stamford hotel Singapore etc.
Changi airpoirt6
6 Changi airport is surprisingly welcoming place. It has plenty of green, flowers, butterfly gardens, free internet and even a swimming pool and area to sleep in comfort. Not mentioning multitude of shops and eateries. The luggage handling is one of the fastest in the world, your luggage is out of the airplane waiting for your on the conveyer belt within less than 15 minutes - that is well before you have arrived from your airplane.
Skyscraper by night7
7 It is the higher tower of the United the United Overseas Bank headquarters (UOB) erected to the maximum permissible height of 280 m (to avoid collision with low-flying aircraft). The octagonal tower is said to represent a pile of coins.
Fullerton hotel and modern skyline from Marina bay at night8
8 View from the Theaters on the Bay, Queen Elizabeth Way. Luxury Fullerton hotel and Esplanade bridge in the front, white spot on the left bottom corner of the Fullerton hotel is the Merlion statue spitting water, in the Merlion Park and impressive Singapore skyscraper skyline in the background.
Night stroll in Marinabay9
9 Queen Elizabeth Way has been very nicely decorated for night wallk during the chinese new year celebrations.
Fountain of Wealth in the Suntec City10
10 Fountain of Wealth used to be the hype in early 2000 when Marina Bay area was yet to be completed. It is in the middle of the Suntec City shopping mall and was the largest fountain in the world. The diameter is 66m and height over 13 meters.There are laser projections on the water each evening. Why to go there? Go around the small fountain in the middle3 times while constantly touching the water it is for wealth and good luck.
Financial district - Parkview square11
11 Parkview square was inspired by New York and its Art-Deco. It was nicknamed Singapore’s ‘Gotham City’. Not to be missed, it transports in time and space. Quite surreal experience for us.
Temple in financial district12
12 Chinese Thian Hock Keng Temple (temple of heavenly happiness) in the Financial District in Singapore is beautifully decorated with dragons on its roof, guardians by the door and many other statues and paintings inside.