Little India

Little India was for us amazement of shops full of colours, flowers, food and smiles. Katka could not resist to buy a saree or to sample food in local restaurants - the best masala chicken ever!
Streetname signs in Little India1
1 Little India is located around Serangoon Road, there are amazing colours, scents, food, flowers. Buildings, shops, temples and very lovely people. And all is carefully designed - even street signs perfectly reflect the different culture. This is a jouney in space without crossing a street. We have loved this part of Singapore!
Shopping for fabrics in Little India2
2 Once you walk around the shops with sarees, you lost it…the colours are irresistible, patterns, glossy fabric and shop assistants are very attentive, waiting to fulfill any wish you may have. Then a bit of discussion about the price, but with a smile on your face you find yourself walking away with at least one piece of butterfly coloured and beautifully embroided saree.
buy fresh flowers smells lovely - jasmine scent!3
3 Walking through shopping streets, it only takes few minutes to find flower stall that is surrounded with jasmine, daisy, chrystantemums
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Little India4
4 Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali. It is in Little India and very busy all the time. The entrance - gopuram - is impressive.
Hindu temple - windows5
5 Sri Krishnan Temple in Waterloo street in Little India has an adjacent building with bautifully decorated windows contrasting with a very rich temple decorations. It must have been renovated shortly prior our visit.
Sri Krishnan Temple in Little India6
6 Entrance to the Sri Krishnan temple on the Waterloo street in Singapore around religious celebration. The tent gives the picture a bit crazer tint, but paintings were freshly done, so the colours strike out.
Little India eatery7
7 This place was the first experience with real Indian food among locals. They have even found cutlery for us, but we wanted to use our hands to eat this delicious tikka massala, naans and two kinds of sauces. And we must not forget lassi.
Detail of the Sri Krishnan temple8
8 Detail of the decoration in the Sri Krishnan Temple, one of the guardian statues at the entrance.