Tropical climate of Singapore gives you plenty possibilities to admire nature in Singapore. Be it a day spent in Jurong Birdpark mainly for 8000 species of birds, but flowers as well. Or a few hours watching fish and seahorses in great Aquarium on Sentosa or other animals in the ZOO close to Jurong Birdpark. Botanical garden or some other gardens (i.e. Chinese or Japanese) and Sentosa lion park are also not to be missed.
Jurong birdpark main gate1
1 The largest bird park in the Asia Pacific Jurong Bird Park outside singapore town houses more than 9,000 birds of 600 different species worldwide. The aviaries are amazing - you can walk in different geographic zones and the space is huge. One of the aviaries even has a 30 m high man made waterfall. This is a herd of various macaw (true parrot) species.
Giant parrots - macaws2
2 There is a possibility to get very close to the animals, they are not hidden in a cage, you can watch them feeding, playing, there are also shows. We loved the day in the park and especially those gold-and-blue macaws (Ara ararauna).
Flamingoes in Jurong birdpark3
3 Flamingo lake with over one thousand flamingoes offers a beautiful view. I am fascinated by those colourful and graceful birds, however the sound they produce (not mentioning the smell) is not to be admired…
What is this bird?4
4 Jurong park in the African Waterfall aviary. This is a little bird, prehaps a tanager/sparrow/bulbul or something else - can someone help? Besides African aviary there are other ones like Penguin Coast, Pelicane Cove, Jungle jungle where you can spot hummingbirds as well and they are like colourfull diamonds. Great to watch!
Red lory (Eos rubra) feeding5
5 There is a possibility to get very close to the animals, they are not hidden in a cage, you can watch them feeding, drinking water and waterbathing in many fountains. We loved the day in the park. What you see is a pack of red lory birds. Every half hour a show starts in the park. The birds featured and information shared are amazing!
Beautiful example of Grey Crowned Crane6
6 Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) is african bird and the best to watch it is in African waterfall aviary. It has 9 levels and over 1000 birds (and 30 m high waterfall)
Rain in Singapore7
7 Rainy season lasts from November to January in Singapore, however strong and abundant showers of rain could be expected during the afternoons throughout the year due to the tropical climate. And when it rains, you can clearly see it! And one umbrella need to house two people does not help. Only our face and hair stay dry in such cases...
chinese gardens decoration8
8 Detail of the door decoration in the Chinese gardens at the Jurong lake
Bonsai gardens from the top9
9 View into the Bonsai garden from the top of the pagoda. Gardens cover 27 hectars (13.5 ha each) and lay next to the Jurong Lake. The planning follows the northern Chinese imperial style of landscaping and architecture and the place consists of Chinese Gardens including a Bonsai Garden and Japanese garden connected by white arched bridge.
Climbing the pagoda in Chinese gardens10
10 We wanted to see Chinese gardens that were supposed to be very beautiful. We found some really interesting places. The Ru Yun T’a - 7-storey pagoda - offered a really nice view across all gardens near Jurong lake. The building form follows the style of Ling Ku Temple Pagoda at Nanking.
Entrance to the bonsai garden11
11 The most interesting section of the Chinese Gardens is the Suzhou-styled penjing (bonsai) garden. This section houses some 2,000 pots of penjing and is a must for bonsai buffs.
Pavillion in chinese gardens12
12 In many places beatiful views on the meandering footpaths, rocks, plants, bridges and traditional pavillions will ask to be immediately stored into your camera.