Temples and statues

Mauricius is place where multiple religions live peacefully together in every inhabited part of the island. There are hindu (48 %), muslims (17 %), roman catholic (23 %), other christian churches (8 %), buddhists (2 %) and others. Impressive decoration of gods, godess and various saints is to admire near temples, in them or on the beaches and pilgrimage routes. Another advantage of this peaceful belief sharing is also equal treatment of all religious feasts.
Grand Bassin site1
1 Grand Bassin is the most important hindu pilgrimage place on the island and outside India. It developed in the submerged volcano crater lake. The legend says that Shiva has dropped a droplet from Ganga river that he has forever kept on his head to protect world from floods to this particular crater. And why did Shiva go to Mauritius? He was awed by its beauty when flying over it, so he became curious what that beautiful place looks like and visited the island.
Grand Baie hindu temple2
2 Hinduism is the most significant religion in Mauritius and the most beautiful temple is located in the centre of Grand Baie.
Unusual temple guard3
3 This is not a typical example of the guardian in the hindu temple.
Cap Malheureux catholic church4
4 This simple but beautiful church is located few steps from the beach on the north shore of the island. Even its interior points at the sea - there are large seashels that hold the holy water and other interesting gadgets.
Decorations of the temple5
5 Decoration detail in the Grand Baie hindu temple.