Shops and markets

Sugar from the sugar cane and true cane rum are items to bring home. The best Mauricius vanilla or kardamom flowered tea and spices are a perfect gift - take them to your home in a beautifully wowen basket or bag. Others may wish to refresh their dress selection or add a wooden boat replica and stamps into their posessions. While shopping for presents we should not forget other wonders - fruits and veggies that invite us for an healthy bite and rest in the hot weather.
1 Everyday market offers a great variety of fresh veggies and greens, despite the fact that 95% of the gricultural land is taken by the sugar cane.
What to take home2
2 Basketry is something not to miss - beautiful and capacious bags and baskets are a very popular souvenir. I have brought several of them and I use them for shopping too. The most difficult was to choose best size and pattern.
Greens and reds3
3 Vegetable market in Port Louis is unbelievably noisy, but when you see vendors advertising the tomatoes in creole - pommes d'amour - it is hard to resist.
Grocery stand4
4 We have seen the most colourful stands while sitting on the bus or minivan and driving through countryside. They are on almost every crossing in any village and they offer a perfect refreshments of both fruits and vegetables.
Local shop5
5 There are a few shopping malls in the island, but it is so much nicer to shope in the small family stores!