Everyday life views that may seem normal to some and different to many others - parts of buildings, bus station, garage on the sidewalk, stands, kitchen and market below palm trees. Views of the heat deserted streets in the town as well as crowded daily markets.
Port Luis1
1 Evening view on the non-touristy part of the Port Louis streets.
Decorations of the house exteriors2
2 Those decorations used to be carved in wood. They also had other purpose - improving the air circulation around the building and they were used around windows and roofs. They still fulfill the purpose, but they are no longer wooden but aluminium. Despite all that the beautification factor still works and can change simple, close to shabby metal-plate houses.
Local Bus station3
3 These vehicles will be indispensable to you in case you decide not to rent a car or bike. The bus transport is cheap, fairly frequent and very reliable. In addition it is soo much fun to ride them in the island. This way you meet a lot of people and can see above the sugar-cane fields!