Mauricius is a safe place for a man. Land and air are populated by birds, lezards and other four-legged reptiles, imported mammals are dogs, deers and wildboars as well as giant turtles. Sea is less safe, there are some poisonous fish, but if you behave soundly, you should not encounter any difficulty. While snorkeling you can admire colourful fishpacks from tiny neon fish, angelfish, baracuda, parrot fish, boxfish, triggerfish to tuna, sailfish dolphins and other deep sea species.
Feeding the giant turtles1
1 You can find these beautiful long lived animals in the Vanilla Crocodile Park in the southern part of the island. Beware, they do not want the orange part of the carrot, but the green one. It took us a while to discover that and we were a bit afraid that this seemingly vegetarian animal may be carnivorous.
Visitor from the Madagascar2
2 In addition to the nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) that were imported alive to boost the local leather production and are bred in special farms. Their cousins reptiles from Madagascar just came for a visit into the Park and they are to be admired and photographed and not to be stripped of their leather.
3 Each turtle has an unique pattern on its back. You can see a very nice bunch of them in the Vanilla Crocodile Park.
4 If you like birds and parrots, the best place to see them from a very little distance is near Flic-en-Flacq in the Cassela Bird Park.