Boats and fishermen

Sea brings their - daily bread. Maybe the catch is not as large as it used to be, but there still exists a daily fresh tuna delivery to restaurants, including other fish, shrimps, squids and other seafood. Boats, yachts, catamarans and other vessels sail or cruise close to shore for fun, experience, but also as local transport, taxi and for living. Moreover, handy craftsmen create perfect small-scale replicas of sailboats, schooners, galleons, fishermen boats and other famous vessels like Santa Maria, Niňa, Pinta and others.
Barge port1
1 This little fishermen port in Cap Malheureux, most northern point of the island, offers picturesque barges and those who like fishing from the pier.
Parked on the beach2
2 When the sunshine peaks it is best to seek a shadow for a siesta, but beware of falling coconuts!.
Cap Malheureux waters3
3 The brightest blue we have ever found in the island - the northern peak of the island in Cap Malhereux.
Snorkelers paradise4
4 There is a shallow and narrow strait between natural reserves of the Flat Island (Ile Plate) and Round Island (Ile Ronde) some 20 km north of Mauritius. They are easily accessible by catamaran or boat cruises. The trip is worth every penny!
Fish-go-home delivery5
5 Cooks sometimes do not have to search fish in the market, but the fishermen will do door-to-door delivery. And then we had some parts of this marvellous tuna for dinner.
6 Of course, there are also not-so-sunny days there, but the grey weather has also its charm!
Ready to go7
7 Fishermen leave every evening or night on those light barges to the reef and a bit beyond to find food for the next day. And sometimes they are willing to take visitors on board.
Fish market8
8 The best timing is not early morning, but around 3 or 4 pm to meet peak at the fish market in the Grand Baie. Very fresh tuna, mackrells, bonito, octopuses, dorado and other very tasty fish.
Fresh catch9
9 You can get Fresh fish from the market every afternoon (but Sunday).
Small size boats10
10 Small size copies of historical sailboats, schooners, galleons or other boats are produced in Mauritius from 1970's and they represent the largest proportion of sold souvenirs.
Ship making11
11 It takes a long time of precious work - around two months to make fully fledged 1.5 m long galleon to take home.
Beginner's luck12
12 Petr tried fishing on a small fishermen boat that was taking us closer to the reef as the owner of the boat persuaded him to try catching fish for the first time in his life. Second time Petr tried to attract fish on the line. The catch was about 1 m long and it was a Crocodile needlefish (Tylosurus crocodilus) we did not want to eat it ourselves and the owner of the boat happily took it with him then.