Beach and shore

White sand, sun, clear and warm water. Calm sea invite to explore wonders underwater. Do you feel like reading a book in the shade? Perfect, but beware coconut palm trees with nuts, as those tend to fall on innocent beachgoers and may injure. Safer place for rest in shade are parasol (umbrella) and filaos woods that resemble pine. Relax with a great view on the sea, fishermen boats and impressive Coin du Mire (island on the north of Mauritius) and you can even doze off. And after that respond to the call of the sea for a dip or swim!
1 West coast near Mont Choisy. If there are no clouds then you can experience sea-sun-set.
Coin de Mire2
2 Top north of Mauritus. Water has incredible colours there and shore offers view towards 5 km distant deserted island (nature reserve) that resembles the base for canon. That is where its name comes from - Coin de Mire.
Hotel Beach3
3 Holidays in the beach resort can offer a great comfort with beach equipment.
Lagoon behind coral reef4
4 Calm clean sea, sand beach, not busy - morning at the north-west coast of Mauritius.
Leaving Mauritius south5
5 If the weather permits the aerial view shows many details. Coast of 330 km sandy beaches protected by coral reef and shallow, warm and calm sea. The white waves show the location of the reef.
Northern Mauritius - birds eye view6
6 North west and north coast of Mauritius - bottom left is beach of Mont Choisy followed by beach and bay of the township Grand Baie of the north coast Mauritius. Towards top right side of the picture there are two nature reserves island Coin de Mire (Base for Canon Island) and Ile Plate (Flat Island) clearly seen.
Godess of good hunt7
7 Mont Choisy beach has a place to bring offerings for the succesfull catch both in lagoon or deep sea.
8 South part of the island east of Souillac to Camp Cassia does not have reef and the waves hit the coastal volcanic rocks with full speed.
Fresh snack delivery9
9 The lady sold very good fresh fruits to beachgoers. The souvenir dealers are not welcome, but those who sell food and drinks are appreciated.
Coin de Mire10
10 Nature reserve viewed from the sea, from north, on the way from Ile Plate towards Mauritius.
Ile Plate Beach11
11 Romantic beach with even clearer water some 12 km north of Mauritius. Nature reserve of Ile Plate, one of the top places for snorkeling.
Morning on the beach12
12 Few minutes after sunrise offer deserted beach, quiet sea and plenty of free beach umbrellas.
Sunset colors13
13 Tropical day is short. It ends by a colorful sunset around 6.30 pm regardless the season.