Tropical island Mauritius, one of many pearls in the Indian Ocean, is able to chase away any winter and spring-not-even-close spleen as it offers warmth, sea and sun in both February and March and all year round. In addition to the sea, sun, swim and siesta we strived to snorkel in the coral sea to snatch any colurful animal to the screen of our camera.

Join us for the virtual journey to Mauritius as we have experienced it in March 2004.

We have used valuable advice published in Lonely Planet (Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles) and excellend Guide de Routard (Ile de Maurice, in French only) as well as various internet fora. In our search, one of many keywords appearing almost everywhere was paradise, eden on earth, island paradise and many other variations. We were fairly skeptical to all the praise, but we had to agree upon return. Indeed, it is a truly remarkable and beautiful paradise, though civilisation has left its footprint there.

Swimming along coral reef in the warm but calm sea. Swaying in the gentle seawaves. Crystal clear light blue, turquoise, shades of green or other colors sea water. Numerous fish packs of all colors and shapes around you while enjoying the variety colors and shapes of corals and other sea-fauna.