Welcome to the K+P away website. It is an attempt to keep beauties of the world that we - Katka and Petr - have discovered and gathered into one place - K+P away website. We tried to combine our passion for travelling and photography and therefore created this photo-travelogue.

Of course, we recognize that K+P away does not cover the world exhaustively. It is a glimpse of places and of sites that we have visited and photographed. And we hope that by sharing our pictures with you some people will also be prompted to protect those beautiful places so that they are preserved for the future. We would welcome your feedback and a correction of facts we posted, if appropriate.

The aim of this website is not to provide you with encyclopaedic information about a particular place. We wish that it may hint where to go, bring back good memories if you had had been there or simply transport you there via screen without leaving your chair. And we hope that you will enjoy our places as much as we had when being there in reality.

Navigation on this site is very easy. Either click below on thumbnails of places or select WORLD to pick countries from the continents. Each country can contain several places and those are composed of photogalleries. Each photo is equipped with description text.

Let the e-journey begin! Enjoy!


Sri Lanka

12 Aug 2013
We finished the monstrous task to sort and select our nearly 3000 photos from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka this February. Medley of mere 150 pics waits for you to see. Enjoy!


28 Oct 2012
It took us over 14 months to finish this post but we believe it was worth waiting for. Venice now comes in 4 individual chapters describing historical Venice - Sestiere, and three other most visited islands Murano, Burano and Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon.

Istanbul has arrived

26 Aug 2012
Venice still comming, enjoy Istanbul in the meantime.


21 Aug 2011
Singapore photogallery is now available for K+P AWAY readers.


24 Jul 2011
Second gallery is the bustling and cool European metropole Berlin. Plenty to see and do!